Top 8 Things to Look for When Buying a Home Safe

Top 8 Things to Look for When Buying a Home Safe

If you are looking into getting a safe for your home, you may have found that the task can be a bit overwhelming.  We have outlined what we feel are the top 8 considerations…and have linked to our top picks in the links below.

The first thing to determine is:

Budget – Quality safes can be found that will fit in any budget.  

The Size and Weight – will vary greatly depending on the type of safe and the volume required to store the items you want to protect. 


Construction standards vary depending on the type of safe.   However, here are a few things to look for in a fairly standard-sized 1.5 cubic foot safe. 

Heavy-duty Steel – The walls of the safe should be constructed of 14-6 gauge steel.  

Concealed Hinges – Many of the top-rated home safes will use concealed hinges and/or deadlocks.

Live Door Bolts – Most home safes will have 2-4 on the side of the door

Types of Safes

A quality safe for your home can protect against theft, fire, or even water. Not all models protect against all these risks. 

The most common types of homes safes are:

Portable – A small home safe to bring the safe with your valuables and important paperwork with you.

Wall Safe – Installed in between the wall studs, they can be easily concealed behind furniture or prints and paintings.  

Stand-Alone – They come in a variety of sizes and may provide additional protection against fire, water, and theft.

Gun safes – Are available in various sizes, from small handgun boxes to massive safes for an arsenal.

Fire Resistance

Most fireproof home safes can maintain temperatures of less than 350°F for a minimum of 30 minutes after being exposed to flames. Higher quality fireproof home safes can protect valuables for up to 2 hours against temperatures as high as 1850°F.

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