ORIGINAL BOZO THE CLOWN DOLL FOR SALE - Bozo Ventriloquist Dummy Review

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Unboxing is always my favorite time! It’s the most exciting part that I always look forward to whenever I receive a package from America’s leading sex toys shop for over 4 decades now! I wonder what it might be… So, come on! Let’s do the sex toy unboxing! As always, Adam and Eve is full of surprises. Imagine, they just sent me this playful rabbit vibrator with bunny ear clitoral stimulator. A very sexy silicone vibrator with a dual motor on each bunny ears focusing on the clit and has another mother that buzzes you deep inside through its angled shaft targeting g-spot stimulation. NOW and get UP TO and get UP to 50% off on almost ANY single item FREE Discreet Shipping + Mystery Gift if you enter coupon code UNBOXING at the checkout.

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