BEHIND THE ARTIST (S1E1) - An Interview with Author, Coach, and Motivational Speaker C-Ray Stanziola

KASMA Records Presents: BEHIND THE ARTIST - A podcast series for creators in every space -

On this episode of BEHIND THE ARTIST, we interview author C-Ray Stanziola, whose life was turned upside down when the government of General Manuel Noriega of Panama was overthrown and the country was invaded.

With C-Ray's grandfather serving as the personal advisor to the General, his family was forced to flee to the U.S. in the wake of political persecution.

However, C-Ray's life in America was not an easy one: it was a journey fraught with setbacks, challenges, mistakes, and eventually, redemption.

In this interview, C-Ray discusses the many life lessons he shares in his book, LIFE OF AN IMMIGRANT: THE JOURNEY TO AMERICA OF C-RAY STANZIOLA. A truly inspiring community figure, C-Ray is also a father, business owner, motivational speaker, life coach, and professional musician.

C-Ray's tale is an uplifting story that will inspire you to take a look at your own life experiences, your future, and how you too can achieve the American Dream.

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