How to Instantly Grow Your Penis without Surgery or Pill? Introducing Adam's Penis Extension


Adam & Eve sex toys can make every man’s dream come true! A BIGGER penis size - yes, absolutely! It is no joke, with Adam’s Extension, you will feel extra confident because you know you have what it takes to lure a woman by giving her longer pleasure with such increased penis size. No need to worry about surgery and pills, this male masturbator grows your little man in an instant and naturally!  use coupon code HOWTO50 to enjoy UP to 50% Discount on almost any single item + FREE Shipping + FREE 3 Hot DVDs and a Mystery Gift when you order at Adam and Eve - America’s  Best Sex Toys Store!
Just slide this soft and stretchy clear jelly extension onto your shaft –– and INSTANTLY ADD TWO INCHES!

The clear sleeve also adds the extra girth and outer pleasure points our customers have been clamoring for. Do not forget to put extra lubrication inside the penis sleeve and on your penis for a very gliding sensation.

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