Don't Ignore The ADA Compliance Website Law

Ignore This And You Could Possibly End Up In Court

Hey, you need to pay attention to this right now
during this time, and going forward, to avoid paying thousands in
lawsuits later on. You probably have you heard of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). It’s the new addition to this law that has recently come into play. So now it's mandatory for websites to have features to make the websites accessible to people with disabilities.

Yeah, that means your website! This is a U.S. law, and you are being affected by it.

You need to make your website 100% ADA accessible. In reality if you don’t comply your business could attract strict penalties. and lawsuits.

Website owners are being targeted and sued for a
law that they are unaware of, or just being careless about.Thankfully for you I can get your website compliant so that your company avoids any possible penalties. Click here to find out more,

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