CoastFi - Earn $100 renting a tiny fraction of your internet

Earn passive income renting (a tiny fraction of) your internet.

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Power the future of smart technology. Install a tiny, secure smart IoT device hotspot. Earn $100 per year.

The CoastFi Hotspot is a tiny device that connects to your WiFi network to create a secure, and encrypted access point to the internet for smart device technology, like scooters, package delivery, and other smart devices. No costs or impact on your internet speed.

Where can I install a CoastFi Hotspot?
▪Homes, apartments, offices, or rental properties
▪If you own multiple properties, get paid to install a hotspot in each
▪Anywhere an internet connection exists

How to become a CoastFi host:
1. Visit and apply.
2. Jump on a 10 min call.
3. Get approved!
4. Get your hotspot in the mail, connect it to your WiFi, and get paid.
5. Get paid for everyone you successfully refer. No limits.

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About CoastFi:
CoastFi is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business that provides internet coverage and connectivity for Internet of Things devices ‘Coast to Coast’ nation-wide. We are the 'antenna company' that provides coverage for IoT Devices. There are various networks that can use the coverage our hotspots provide - similar to how AT&T, Verizon & Sprint rent antennas from other companies to provide their cellular coverage.

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