Buy Bot Pro - Ultimate Arbitrage Tool - 14 Day Free Trial

Buy Bot Pro - Ultimate Arbitrage Tool - 14 Day Free Trial -

A few keypoints of Amazon analysis tool - Buy Bot Pro

In short it will tell you the BSR number, percentage number and future prediction for the BSR. It will breakdown all your costs including VAT for the UK. It will tell you if the product is Hazmat and there is an indicator of the product being private label with a traffic light system.

It shows little faces indicating whether Amazon has the buybox and the likelihood of them sharing it. There is an indicator of whether the product is a good buy or not which is set to your criteria with a number of sliders.

One of my favourite functions and one I use all the time is a list showing the different sellers and a colour scheme that indicates if they are an FBA, merchant, or Prime seller. This helps enormously when deciding on what to buy. You can see at a glance what your competition is before you buy. I nearly forgot, it also shows the competitions stock quantity and the price they are selling for.

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