IoT Armour for Space: Sat Armour Delivering end-to-end ultra-secure satellite networks

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Space infrastructure has become an integral part of everyday life, with individuals, businesses and governments relying overwhelmingly on it. The shift from specific purpose-built, proprietary hardware to advanced software-defined, modular architecture, and open extensible frameworks allows for security to be built into next gen space systems.
The modern space assets can manage security holistically along with scaling of data and compute capabilities. Block Armour has developed a next gen Zero Trust Cybersecurity solution called SAT Armour (IoT Armour for Space) designed explicitly for space systems, integrated IoT systems in ground stations, and related communication networks. This solution harnesses digital signature-based identity and authentication for humans, systems, and data, thereby, securing connected devices and tightly ring-fencing critical infrastructure.
IOT Armour uses military-grade encryption techniques for secure communication with connected devices, thereby ensuring that these channels are secure, and communications cannot be intercepted or manipulated.

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