2020 Toys Unboxed - Ninja Kidz Tv Toys Giant Ninja Ball and Mystery Splat Ball!

Taylor's Toy Trunk -
One of the top toys of 2020 you may not have seen yet are the new Ninja Kidz TV toys that are at Walmart and Target! Ninjas have always been a kids favorite, but the Ninja Kidz TV family and their awesome Giant Ninja Ball let's you bring the Ninja dream alive!
Their Giant Ninja Ball includes all types of fun surprises, like ninja toys, ninja gear and all the things your little one will need to be a ninja kid!
First up in our video though you will find a cool new ninja splat ball which is sold separately. They are only $3.99 and feature all 4 ninja kids from the channel and a chance at the super cool eyeball monster from one of our favorite Ninja Kidz Tv videos!

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